Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a tour?

In a few easy steps:

1/  Fill in and send the booking request form.
At this point you have not yet formally booked the tour.
Of course: feel free to call or mail us before for any additional information.

2/  We mail you back with confirmation of availability and a total price quote.

3/  You write back by e-mail that you book the tour.

4/  We confirm the booking and send you an invoice. For the payment, you receive a second e-mail from STO Garant with a link to their payment platform. STO Garant only releases your money to BiketourinSpain after completion of the tour

5/  A deposit of 20% of the total is immediately due. You receive a confirmation of the receipt and already an information package (description and GPS of the booked tour)

6/ The rest is due 30 days before the start of the tour.

How do I cancel a booked tour?

In writing by e-mail. According to the number of days between the cancellation and start of the tour, cancellation costs will be applicable. Please see the detail on ‘Terms and conditions’

Are the starting days fixed? Can I book extra nights?

Yes, each tour has a fixed starting day of the week. You can book extra nights before the start and, once started, extra nights at any point of the tour, depending on availabiliy.

What kind of accommodation can I expect?

You’ll sleep in hotels and b&b’s located in cities, villages or in the countryside. The level of comfort will vary as the routes go often through sparsely populated areas with limited choice of accommodations, but in general, they are nice and comfortable and all have ensuite sanitary facilities.

How does luggage transport work? Are there limits?

At the start of each stage, you leave your baggage in the reception or your room. It will be transported during your cycling, ensuring that it is on the next accommodation before your arrival.

Luggage is limited to one big suitcase and one medium/small bag per person.

Can I bring my own bicycle?

Yes. You’ll need to arrange for the transport of your bike to and from the start and end of the tour. Don’t hesitate to ask us for tips and information.
If you use a bicycle bag or suitcase, it can be carried from begin to end by our luggage transport, within the luggage limits mentioned.

How do I get to the starting point?

In each route’s presentation on our website, you see a summary of getting to and from the starting/end point. You’ll find more details in the route description sent after booking.
Of course, do call us for any additional information.

How do the tours start?

In the route description of each tour, you’ll see where and how you receive the bicycles and start the cycling on the first stage. On delivery of the bikes, we’ll help you fit the bike to your height and preferences. Here a summary:        
Lucena – Granada:  a taxi will pick you up (and your luggage) from the hotel and bring you to the bicycle shop, just 500 metres away, where you’ll receive the bikes and start cycling. The taxi will transport your luggage further.           
Route of Don Quixote:  a taxi will pick you up (and your luggage) from the hotel and bring you to the point in the countryside where we’ll be waiting with the rental bikes.             
Madrid – Valencia: we’ll come to your hotel with the rental bikes.

What information do I get to follow the route?

All information is sent to you digitally by e-mail, it consists of:
* A complete route description in English, or Dutch if requested. With indications about the start of the tour; detailed description of each stage, with kilometres and miles column and orientation at each turn/junction; and background information about where to buy provisions, eat and rest, places visited, nature, history, etc.
* List of accommodations reserved.
* Maps for each stage.
* GPS tracks for each stage. These are sent in .GPX format which you can download in your smartphone or GPS device. Although we provide a small handlebar bag with the rental bikes, you may want to bring a smartphone holder to fit on the handlebar of your bike.

How demanding is the cycling?

In general, you’ll need to be in good health, reasonably fit and either have some experience of cycling on holidays abroad or cycle regularly in your place of residence. On the other hand, maybe with the exception of Madrid-Valencia in 8 days, you don’t need to be fitter than most or a dedicated cyclist.   
In the tour presentations we specify the distances and altitude metres of each stage. The best way to evaluate if you feel comfortable with that is to compare them with those of a stretch of cycling where you live or of previous holidays.

How demanding the cycling?/how much effort involved? … is also a question of attitude

I once took part in a fully-guided tour. One guide in the van and a ‘cycling expert’ pedalling with the group. At one particularly steep stretch of the road, must have been about a short kilometre or half a mile, he tried to keep everyone on the bike, strenuously pedalling instead of walking and push-bike:      
“look fixedly at the road surface two meters in front of you and make whatever effort it takes to stay of the bike, because even if you are only advancing at 5 or 6 kilometres/hour, it’s still faster than walking”
Obviously… this person understood nothing of what riding a bicycle for pleasure during a holiday is about.
Who cares if a make 6 km/hour on the bike or 4 km/hour walking? It’s only a little distance… maybe I arrive a few minutes later to the end of the stage? If I step down and walk a bit, not only do I skip the bit of ‘suffering’ but also, I’ll be more inclined to take pauses, drink water regularly, admire the views and generally take my time, enjoying the stage to the full… instead of just overexerting myself on the saddle and looking at asphalt two metres in front of the bike.

What happens if for any reason I can’t finish (or start) a stage?

If because of illness, injury, just being physically too tired or any unexpected event, you can’t finish a stage, you can call us and we’ll endeavour to send transport or other help as soon as possible. Our help is included in the price but you will need to pay for the specific transport or other help involved.

If the cause would be a break-down of your rental bicycle (other than a punctured tire or some very minor disfunction), the same procedure will apply, but the additional costs will be on our side.

Are the tours suitable for children?

In general, our tours are designed for adults but children from 12 years old accompanied by their parents may also take part. They must be aware that cycling on public roads requires more care and attention than on a park or a quiet neighbourhood.

Is travel insurance needed?

Yes, you are required to take adequate travel insurance, including cover for illness, accident, repatriation and luggage loss or damage.

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