I’m Raul, the founder, manager and self-employed worker of BiketourinSpain.
For almost 30 years I lived in the Netherlands, where I discovered cycling as a great way to enjoy a holiday. I then developed a passion for cycling routes in Spain, my country of origin. I designed a few routes for a Dutch tour operator, issued a book and started the website www.fietseninspanje.nl
In 2022 I decided to move back to Spain and turn my long-term hobby into a full-time occupation!

The tours in BiketourinSpain are offered to you by myself and these bicycle shops in Spain. They take care that the bicycles are kept in excellent condition and sometimes deliver and retrieve them:

CSRAdosRuedas.com  in Trujillo

BicisPina.com  in Toledo, Illescas and Alcázar de San Juan

PelicanBikeRentals.com in Valencia

GoldBikeShop.com  in Alcázar de San Juan

Together, we have only one objective:

that you have a wonderful time while cycling our tours!


C/Lorenzo Rivas 14  3º A

13600 Alcázar de San Juan – Spain

Travel agent license CICLM-13577-03

Registered with number 899643 at Dirección general de Turismo, Comercio y Artesanía of the region Castilla la Mancha

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